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ZentherapyŽ BodytherapyŽ 10 Session Recipe


ZentherapyŽ BodytherapyŽ is a 10 session series that is designed to, through physical readjustment, return the body and structure to it's optimal alignment. As we age, our body must combat trauma, wear and tear, as well as pain. All of these factors accumulate in our soft tissue which results in restricted movement and flexibility. The Bodytherapy series offers deep, penetrating manipulation which acts to "clean off" the muscle attachments. This allows the muscle to lengthen and relax.

Emotional trauma often becomes stored in our soft tissue along with physical pain and physical trauma. During a Bodytherapy series old, unresolved injuries can be addressed and removed.

Observable restoration of energy flow occurs as muscle tension and stress are discharged. The result is a significant increase in well being.