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Experience the benefits of Zentherapy from a seasoned certified practitioner.

Zentherapy uses deep tissue manipulation to align the body, and awareness exercises to integrate the changes into its nervous system so the body remains aligned, and continues to feel the benefits of alignment.

Learn more about the benefits, and process of Zentherapy.

830 Bancroft Way Room 109
Berkeley, CA 94710

Phone: 415-672-3739


Attention! New and continuing practitioners:

2018 Zen BodytherapyŽ Introductory Weekend  - Berkeley, CA

Oct 12 - 14 2018

Instructor: Sean English

Training Flyers: More Information

For other information on trainings email questions to Sean.  Or visit the Zentherapy events calendar.

Open to all who sincerely wish to learn, previous experience not necessary

Free consultations.

Introductory sessions - includes assessment, and preliminary tissue work.

First aid sessions - deep tissue work for immediate pain relief and mobility.



Learn more about the benefits, and process of Zentherapy.


  • Relief from chronic pain or past traumas
  • Increased Energy, Mobility, and Posture
  • Improve bodily functions, and performance
  • Permanent change